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Blogging with DC
Monday, 4 February 2008

Terri Hendrix

I saw an awesome show this past Saturday night!  Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines at Fairfield Studios in Shreveport.  Which by the way if you haven't beento one of their House Concerts, you should go...check them out at: .  Thanks to Jim, Sandra and all the volunteers for creating such a great venue for acoustic music!

A couple of months ago (November I think), Terri was the cover artist of Texas Music Magazine.  In that article, she talked about how she runs her own career.  She owns all her masters, runs her own record label (Wilory Records) and works to make music that has meaning.  From reading the article, I thought, "Man, I like her music, but now after learning a little more about her, I really like her!"   Here's what Texas Music Magazine had to say: 

You Gotta Be Strong — Terri Hendrix and the Art of the Spiritual Kind: Terrie Hendrix balances art and "the part that's not art" while bringing joy to an audience as life tests her threshold for the blues. For more than a decade, this self-proclaimed "scrappy cat" songbird from San Antone has done it all with a smile and come away with the deed to her own universe.

How could you not like that?!

So, back on track now...Saturday night, Feb. 2nd (Yes, I skipped Reba & Kelly Clarkson...thanks Janice for not being mad that I made you miss Reba too)...I got to see her play live.  It was great!  Not only was the show awesome, it was in an intimate space (Fairfield Studios seats only about 100 folks) where the audience really felt like part of the show.

At intermission, I had a chance to get Terri to autography my copy of her CD "Spiritual Kind" and she took time to chat with me.  We both shared the philosophy that it's not about "me" when it comes to music, but it needs to be about more than needs to reach out and be about the music and what it can bring to other people.  I thought wow, she really gets it...or at least validates what I think I "get".  That's a pretty good feeling.  Her other words of wisdom were: "Just do what's right for you in this business, there are alot of folks out there with lots of talent who aren't doing it for the right reasons, you just gotta grow some big cajonas and don't let those people sway you...stay true to yourself."  Pretty big words there...Terri... ;-)

Then after the show, I took a picture with Terri, which you can see embedded in this blog.  And also took a couple of pics with Lloyd Maines.  Who had the cutest picture of his grandkids on his guitar...they were all dressed up for Halloween...very sweet.  And what a nice guy he is as well.  And an amazing guitar player!

Thanks to Terri & Lloyd for taking time to chat after the show.  You are who and what I strive to be musically!  My bar has been raised.

Posted by DC at 6:15 PM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2008 9:54 AM CST
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