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Blogging with DC
Thursday, 30 October 2008
You Just Never Know
Mood:  happy

Last night I had a gig in Breaux Bridge at Cafe des Amis.  It went really well, it still amazes me that I have 2 hours worth of material that is good enough to play in front of people!  But that's not what this is about. 

I was reminded that I am truly blessed by great family, friends and fans that show up and support me, wearing their t-shirts, passing out postcards and putting $$$ in my tip jar.  Wow!  Thanks to all you Fabulous Flock of Folks

While I was playing, watching folks walk in, order, eat and then sometimes leave.  There was one couple who walked in, the woman of the couple had some cool boots (which later I found out she bought off of Ebay), and they walked to the back and sat down at a table behind a beam so I didn't have a clear view of them most of the night.  But they ordered, got their food, ate and stayed for the entire show.  There was something about the man that looked familiar and they know lots of people in the restaurant that knew them and talked with them.  Cafe des Amis is a friendly place so that didn't really spark my interest too much. 

Then as we were putting everything into the car, I hear a voice from behind me saying, "Nice Job, DC"  Not really looking, I say, "Thanks" as I push my PA system into the car.  Then again my sister says "you know who that was don't you?"  And I say, no, he looked familiar, but I couldn't put a name with the face.  To which she said, "That was Sonny Landreth."  Sonny Landreth, came to Cafe des Amis to have supper with his wife or girlfriend (I don't know his marital status), ate and sat through my whole show.  Wow!  And all I could say was...Thanks, as I was lugging equipment.  In hindsight, it was probably better, so that I didn't grovel at his feet, but I might have gushed a little more!

It just reminded me that while I try to treat everyone that comes to a show with respect and show gratitude for their support, I should really pay attention...and give everyone more attention.  Because, as the song says, "You can always make more money, but you can never make more time"...And you never know who is in the audience. 

Hopefully next time it will be YOU!

Posted by DC at 10:39 AM CDT
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Monday, 17 November 2008 - 11:26 AM CST

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